How to Design a Good eBook Cover

How to Design a Good eBook Cover

I was thinking about how we could best help our customers and readers with their design process. I realized that some examples of great covers would be extremely beneficial.

I did some research and found some links for you to check out and get inspired by!

One thing to notice is that simplicity of the majority of these ebook covers. The most important things in my opinion are as follows:

  1. Be Clear – Don’t clutter your ecovers with too many words and images. The goal is to get the essence of your message across quickly.
  2. Have a Great Title – What is a catchy way to describe your content? Think of yourself as a potential reader of your book. Would you be interested in your book based on the title alone? If not, change it!
  3. Be Clever – There’s nothing like inventive imagery to catch the viewer’s attention. Whether it’s a well placed image or a creative layout for your title, it’s always great to think outside the box. The examples I listed above should help inspire you!

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